Des Plaines, IL

Our Services

Our Services

Wanting to ship something around Illinois but finding it hard to connect to the right freight solution company? Count on DarPol’s Best Transportation Services around the city that will take care of your cargo until it has reached to the destination point.

Have Queries about the Planned Shipment or Want to Enquire about the New One? Schedule a Meeting!

At DarPol, we understand that there are hundreds of matters involved that are responsible for affecting your shipment, which is why you need professional hands. To make sure your shipment meets the most suitable needs, we have an array of facilities including Truckload, Less Than Truckload, Warehousing, and Storage Facility. Also, we take pride in informing you all that our team of experts focuses on offering an exceptional freight service by providing the facility of 24/7 dispatch and customer service through best-advanced technology.

Giving you a little brief about what our different transportation facilities actually provide, it is essential for our customers to know that there is no such barrier in the delivery of goods, we transport anything and everything. No matter what kind of commodity it is, what kind of state it holds or what kind of temperature it demands, we can arrange containers suiting all our client’s specific shipment needs. On top of it, we promise a delivery experience that’s worth every penny as we won’t take an hour extra than the decided time of cargo transfer.

As far as the storage matters are concerned, we give you relaxation on that note as well. We have an ample amount of storage facilities around the town that keeps your stuff safe and secure, without placing any damage to your assets.


Are you looking for the best prices to ship a full truckload? We at DarPol can help you find the most affordable price in the truckload category.


Stop stressing over the cargo that's less than truckload, we can adjust it all! Not just adjust but, we will take full responsibility of your goods.


With DarPol's well-maintained warehousing and storage facility, you don't have to emphasize on the security concerns of your cargo.

24/7 Available

The reason why we keep our customer's queries on priority is because we know how important it is for you to know everything about your shipment. Therefore, we successfully manage to deliver a detailed tracking record to our customers along with a strong 24/7 customer support so you know where your shipment has arrived.