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About Us

About us

DarPol has never failed to satisfy its customers with the most reliable freight solutions and takes pride in offering the best of the services in the transportation field. We are known for providing a convenient 24/7 customer support that keeps you informed, wherever the cargo goes.


As a reliable freight solution company, we understand how difficult it gets to first find a trustworthy transportation partner and then wait for them to deliver your goods securely. Thus, keeping that thought in mind DarPol provides a cost-saving as well as an efficient option of delivering goods. We are a logistics company that not only does the job of transferring your goods from one place to another but, also takes up the entire responsibility of your cargo so, our customers don’t have to face the stress.

Founded in 2012, the only vision that kept us moving ahead was to make transporting goods easier and less stressful. Whenever it is about choosing a freightage solution to transfer your cargo from point A to point B, there is always this fear in the customer’s mind, thinking if their valuables will be safe enough. However, working with DarPol is 100% safe be it about the storage of your goods, the delivery process they will be going through or, the hands that will be handling them, everything is safe and reliable.

We have a fleet of trucks that are driven by our team of trained drivers who have years of experience in the field. We also take pride in holding our specialization in the shipping of goods of every kind no matter if its Truckload or Less Than Truckload. Other than this, we have a smart team of professionals working 24/7 and setting new standards of excellent client assistance so, every shipment turns out to be smooth and steady. Try our services today!

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